Future Proof Development

Built With Growth in Mind

Urban living

Designed for pedestrians
Full internet connectivity

Hight Tech Development

Blockchain technology
Fibre connectivity

Conscious Property Alchemy

Urban farming
Renewable Energies

Designed for urban living

Built with pedestrians in mind, the development will provide residents with great freedom of movement and healthy lifestyle.

  • Designed with pedestrians in mind
  • Designed for residents’ well being
  • Edible landscapes
  • Many public amenities
  • Hospital
  • Medical facilities and clinics
  • Churches
  • Smart CCTV system throughout

Dan Tloome amenities included

Schools 13
Community centres 6
Retails shopping centres 6
Neighbourhood centres 6
Student accomodation 600
Industrial park 25Ha, 120 units of various sizes
Churches 20
Filling stations 3
Clinical and medical facilities 5
Hospital 1
Stadium 2,000 seats
High performance training centre & sports village

High Tech Development

Dan Tloome project utilizes a number of ground breaking technologies, both during and after the development phase.

  • High Tech Mega Project Development
  • Blockchain technology
  • Fibre and connectivity throughout
  • IoT Internet of things
  • Online education
  • Peer2Peer trading
  • Streaming local TV
  • Streaming local Radio

Dan Tloome technologies included

Fibre connection throughout
IoT (Internet of Things connects to everything in development)
Blockchain & Digital smart contracts integrated throughout
Peer to Peer trading platform
Educational & Community online platforms
Big data
Smart CCTV homeland security driven by AI

Conscious Property Alchemy

Better and innovative ways of developing and maintaining the project, while remaining conscious of the environment

  • Urban farming
  • Renewable Energies
  • 10MW Solar Farm
  • Grey water treatment
  • Effluent treatment
  • Waste management and recycling
  • Waste to energy

Dan Tloome innovations and conscious practices

Urban farming - 25 Ha
Alternative building practices
10 MW solar farm
Water harvesting and recycling
Grey water treatment
Effluent treatment
Edible landscapes integration
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