Profit while doing good

“We drive the 4th Industrial Revolution through property development and Conscious Property Alchemy.”

Our Goal

We aim to conduct property developments and investments as profitable and beneficial endeavors for all involved while at the same time empowering, enhancing and enriching the environment, planet and communities through technology and connectedness – globally.


Develop Mega Projects that raise the bar regarding profitability, Housing delivery and personal and community empowerment and bring 4th industrial revolution and connectedness to the community.


Develop Dan Tloome Mega Project as an amazingly beneficial development to all while at the same time bettering, enhancing and enriching the environment, planet and communities through education, job creation, technology thus creating sustainable economic empowerment.

The Development Will Create

Temporary jobs - within the value chain of the development and construction 25 000
Permanent sustainable jobs after completion 12 000
People will be housed 150 000

Conscious Property Alchemy

Conscious Business is the business that does “Profit while Doing Good”™. By setting your intention clear on “Profit AND Doing Good”™ to others and the environment – the business is developed differently from the onset. It often involves the use of technology, collaboration and sharing of resources between various people and parties involved.

  • Water Production, Harvesting and Recycling;
  • Waste Sorting, Harvesting, Treatment & Management;
  • Grey Water and Sewer Treatment and Management;
  • Solar and Electrical Power generation;- Gas heating;- Data and Connectivity;

  • Urban farming aquaponics and hydroponics;
  • Vertical indoor farming;
  • Alternative Building Practices;
  • Real Estate Crowdfunding;
  • Education – online, traditional and blended;
  • Economic Empowerment;

Conscious Property Alchemy Services Model (CPASM)


Further uniqueness of the development is application of Conscious Property Alchemy to  services and infrastructure.


The application of Conscious Property Alchemy Service Model in Dan Tloome development covers various aspects of renewable energies and technologies, namely:

1.Waste Sorting, Harvesting, Treatment & Management;

2.Water Production, Harvesting and Recycling;

3.Grey Water and Sewer Treatment and Management;

4.Solar and Electrical Power generation;

5.Gas heating;

6.Data and Connectivity;

7.Alternative Building Practices;


Each one of the above services model is economically viable and sustainable  business.

Building the Conscious Property Alchemy Service Model from the ground up, one of the most important factors in Conscious Property Alchemy is Waste Management.

Waste Management


In Conscious Property Alchemy – Waste is the commodity – it is a Harnessing Material.

Treating Harnessing Material as a commodity rather than waste, our relationship and view towards it changes accordingly.

The Harnessing Material treatment needs to start at the source.

The source of the material needs to start sorting it.

For this reason, special purpose Harnessing Containers are being used. End users start sorting Harnessing Material and separating plastics, tyres, papers, oils, and so on.

The Alchemy is created through collaboration with the community, while recycling, energy creation and preserving the environment with the aim of “zero to landfill” .

Community plays important role as part of the off take for the services.

Waste Sorting, Harvesting, Treatment & Management


Innovative new technology is being used in production of drinking water conjunction with tried and tested water Harvesting and Recycling.

Drinking water is created independently of the municipal grid and brought into the water grid and the system for the future use.

Furthermore, water is harvested by use of tanks and wetlands encachment areas.



Grey Water and Sewer Treatment and Management


The same with water, new technology is being used for grey water and sewer treatment together with improved and enhanced tried and tested methods of the past.

With a use of waste to energy methodology one creates grey water for use in gardens – which can be further filtered into drinkable water – and creation of syn-gas, steam, fertilizer and job creation.

Furthermore, incorporating wetlands with live and regenerative Natural Anaerobic Living Aerobic Filters process, one creates pleasing environments to the eye while treating & recycling the water in a healthy way.

Solar and Electrical Power generation


A Solar PV plant with a capacity of 10MW is going to be installed in the western side of the development. It will be installed with battery storage so the use of electricity can be off the grid if needed.

The use of Solar PV has been tried and tested with the technology satisfactory life span.

Solar power with integrated  provides storage provides a reliable alternative with stable and predictable price increases over long periods of time.

Gas: Cooking heating


Most of the electricity and energy is used on different forms of heating – cooking, boiling water, geysers and similar.

Thus, when used in those applications – LPG Gas is very efficient and energy saving.

We will have Gas grid with tank storage for such use.

Data and Connectivity


In the information and digital age – we feel that the access to data and information is a fundamental human right.

Data and connectivity is being provided in the development in the form of WI-Fl and fiber network coverage.

Fiber will be the core of the connectivity while WI-FI network will be available to ever user in the development. Up scaled connectivity via fibre will be made available to more demanding users.

Alternative Building Practices


There are a number of alternative building practices that are being used in the development – soil blocks, modular housing, hollow concrete slabs, and so on.

The use of the alternative building differs per application and different type of top structures.

All of of the above Conscious Property Alchemy Services Model is independent service model and is economically viable and sustainable  business. Model are not donations based – but profit driven while doing good deeds.

Each one is privately funded and provides lucrative returns to its investors.

Doing green fields developments – all the services are combined and paired in an economical and be cost efficient way.

And, in the true Conscious Property Alchemy style – while each service is independent with its own investors and structures – each one is based on the same  economic model and together, these services are greater then the sum of its parts.